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Configuration command to TOWER Tracker can be sent through SMS, Bluetooth Terminal or from the Web. Whichever of these is used for configuration, the same command pattern applies.

System Authentication

Authentication is a security measure implemented into tower tracker to ensure only authorized individual can access the tracker. Authentication requires either a known pre-configured number or the device password. If however authentication is disabled, any individual can access the tracker. This is not recommended though.

Enabling Authentication

By default, authentication is disabled on tower tracker device. In order to enable authentication, user need to send command config set system.auth=1. To disable authentication, send config remove system.auth

Once authentication is enabled

If authentication is enabled on the device, all commands must be preceded by device password. By default, the device password is the last six digit of its imei number. For example if you have a device with imei number 123456789123456, the password to this device is 123456. Password can be changed by sending a new password to the device. Multiple commands can be sent together but must be separated by comma or written on a new line