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Thank you for purchasing STRONG TOWER TRACKER


The tower tracker is a state of the art GPS Tracking system that comes preloaded with tons of features, making your asset, vehicle or fleet management an easy task.

Made in Nigeria, for Nigeria ecosystem, we understand your fleet challenges and needs. We therefore manufacture the STRONG TOWER with many features to solve varieties of issues and challenges facing asset owners within and without the country.

Every single TOWER tracker is a management system on its own, keeping track of your vehicle statistics, usage, mileage, handling and lots more as detailed below.







  • GPS + GSM + GPRS Tracking
  • Real time location tracking via web
  • Tracking by distance interval
  • Tracking by time interval
  • Street Address tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • Speeding Alert
  • Geo-fence
  • Way-point


  • SOS Alert
  • External Power Cut-off Alert
  • GSM Jamming Alert
  • Engine Start or Door Open Alert
  • Towing Alert


  • Location Logging
  • Daily Odometer Logging
  • Voice/Speech Logging


  • Alert Generation
  • Daily usage report
  • SMS Reporting and alert
  • Email Reporting and Alert


  • Low battery Alert
  • Power Saver mode
  • Voice Listening

Command Pattern

Communication with the tracker can be made over SMS, Bluetooth terminal or Web. Whichever of these is used, the same command pattern follows. Command Sent to the tracker can be in two patterns depending on the System Authentication Configuration.

Non-Authenticated Mode

If Authentication is disabled on the device or the phone number used to contact the device is an Administrative number, this format can be used.

Plain Single command like where can simply be sent to the device and will be executed.

To send multiple command together, write them on a separate line or separate them by comma. For example

engine off,where


engine off

Authenticated Mode

If authentication is enabled on the device and the phone number used to contact the device is not an administrative number, this format must be used.

Command must be preceded by password like #123456,where lest it is not executed. Where 123456 is the device password

To send multiple command together, write them on a separate line or separate them by comma. For example

#123456,engine off,where


engine off

Location Service

As an asset owner, where your treasures are, your heart is. Getting to know where your asset is takes no more than a call to a STRONG TOWER. With an authorized number, call the tracker, it will hang up your call though, while you get an SMS notification of the location of the called asset.

If your number is not authorized on the tracker, then send where to the tracker. The tracker will respond with device location.

To get a full report of device status, send command report to tracker.

Street Address Decoding

Don't just like longitude and latitude number (lat:6.2,lon:3.4) being sent to you as a device location? We don't like it too.

How about

No 12, XYZ Street, ABC Road, State, Country

Km 24, ABC XYZ Expressway

That sound just like what humans understand.

Once internet is made available on your tower tracker, you get additional street address whenever you query for device location.

To Enable Internet on the device please see Internet Configuration.

To Select address reversing service please see Reverse Geocoder Configuration.


Are your drivers fond of using your vehicles for their own trip? Geo-Fence them.

With Geo-Fencing, vehicles movement is restricted to a set of areas or regions. When vehicle goes out of range, engine can be disabled, alert can be sent.

For Setting up Geo-Fences please see Geo-Fence Configuration.

Note: Geo-Fence Violation will generate an alert. A Wild Card Alert Configuration or Geo-Fence Alert Configuration is necessary for the alert mechanism to happen.

Location Logging

With an SD Card Interface, unlimited amount of location history is recorded. This allows future playback of vehicle location and speed, mileage estimation, and lots of other inference can be drawn from the logged data. This feature is enable by default as long as SD Card is present.

Locations are filed on daily basis as CSV files in directory tracks with file name format YYYYMMDD. YYYY is the year, MM is the month and DD is the date.

Files can be viewed in excel sheet or converted to a [GPX format] which can then be imported to services like [OpenStreetMap] for route plotting.

Service / Maintenance Tracking and Reminder

Maintenance tracking allows the tracker to keep track of when last the vehicle was maintained and therefore send an alert when new maintenance date is due or maintenance distance is reached.

Once maintenance is done, notify the tracker by sending command service done. The tracker then start keeping track of next maintenance date or mileage.

Maintenance Period and/or Distance needs to be configured to use this feature. See Maintenance Configuration.

Note: Maintenance due will generate an alert. A Wild Card Alert Configuration or Maintenance Alert Configuration is necessary for the alert mechanism to happen.

Speed Monitoring

High speed cause damages to vehicles and kills. Preset a speed limit on your vehicle tracker and get an alert when speed goes beyond normal.

Note: Over speed will generate an alert. A Wild Card Alert Configuration or Speed Alert Configuration is necessary for the alert mechanism to happen.

Acceleration Monitoring

As much as speed, vehicle handling plays an important role in downtime.

Acceleration monitor tracks when there is abnormal vehicle handling on the part of driver and report such as an alert.

Note: Too much Acceleration will generate an alert. A Wild Card Alert Configuration or Acceleration Alert Configuration is necessary for the alert mechanism to happen.

Accident Monitoring

With a shock sensor properly installed, accident occurrences can be detected and alert sent in respect.

Note: Accident detection will generate an alert. An Accident Alert Configuration is necessary for the alert mechanism to happen.


With an SOS button installed on the tracker, a customized SOS message alert is sent to a preset number whenever the button is pressed.

Note: SOS will generate an alert. A SOS Alert Configuration is necessary for the alert mechanism to happen.

Voice Monitoring

Voice monitoring allows one to start listening to conversations around the tracker by simply making a call to the tracker.

To use this feature send command voice monitor or voice monitor 30 to the tracker. After acknowledging the message, call the tracker, it will pick the call and you can then hear the conversations around it.

The command voice monitor enables monitoring indefinitely until command voice monitor off is sent to the tracker

In the command voice monitor 30 "30" in the second command represent timeout after command is received and when call is made. It means after 30s from receiving the command, the voice monitoring is automatically disabled. If the call is however on while the 30s times out, the call is not terminated until the caller terminates it.

Voice Monitoring can be Auto Enabled. This makes the device goes into Voice monitoring mode automatically on power up. See Auto Enable Voice Monitor.

Voice Recorder

If one would rather prefer the voice being recorded on the SD Card for later retriever and playback, send command voice record or voice record 30 to the tracker. This will start recording audio into SD card.

Way Point Monitoring

Need to make sure your driver stick to a given route while driving?

Prerecord the way point on the device by sending command waypoint record start office-home. You then drive the vehicle along this office to home route while the device learns by recording the route. When you reach destination, send command way-point record stop to the tracker. The tracker saves the route.

Whenever someone is to drive the vehicle between those two location, send command waypoint monitor office-home to the tracker. If the driver deflect from the route, a notification is sent to you.

Tampering Monitor

Monitor your vehicle against theft or towing. Send command tamper arm to the tracker. Once the vehicle is turned off, it enter armed state. Any attempt to start the engine or open the door or tow the vehicle will cause a tampering alert to be sent.

Disable arming by sending command tamper disarm.

If you use the auto arm bluetooth functionality of the tracker. If the tracker is paired and connected to your mobile phone, once you move away from the vehicle, it automatically enter armed state. When you are in proximity again, it automatically disarm.

Note: Tampering will generate an alert. A Tampering Alert Configuration is necessary for the alert mechanism to happen.

Engine Cutoff

Manually cut the vehicle engine off by sending command engine off to the tracker. If the vehicle is currently in motion, the tracker waits for the speed to go below 5km/h before cutting the engine.

Enable the engine again by sending engine on.

To enable engine control, Engine IO must be configured.

Fuel Cutoff

Manually cut the fuel off by sending command fuel off to the tracker. If the vehicle is currently in motion, the tracker waits for the speed to go below 5km/h before cutting the fuel.

Enable the fuel again by sending fuel on.

To enable engine control, Fuel IO must be configured.

Custom Device Control

If your vehicle uses any custom gadget that you wish to control, simply send command off gadget to tracker to deactivate the gadget or send command on gadget to activate the gadget.

The gadget name need to be configure in IO Alias before using a gadget name

Mileage Reporting

Retrieve how much distance your vehicle has travelled daily or between a date.

  • Send command odometer get today to retrieve how much km the vehicle has gone today
  • Send command odometer get 7 to retrieve odometer only for the last 7 days
  • Send command odometer get 1/1/2018 1/2/2018 to retrieve odometer only for the date range
  • Send command odometer get total to retrieve how much km the vehicle has been used altogether. This command required Initial Odometer Reading set on the GPS at the point of installation with command odometer set xxxkm.

Jammer Detection

Equipped with a jammer detection system, the strong tower will detect a GSM jammer and send an alert when next network is available.

Bluetooth Report

For vehicle or fleets that are driven to a common park on daily basis, one can use the tracker Bluetooth interface to read report from the device on daily basis.

Note: This function requires a dedicated device for reading report or a simple Bluetooth terminal app installed on a mobile phone.


Get Instant device report by sending command report to the tracker.

The response contains Engine Lock Status, Fuel Lock Status, Ignition Status, Door Status, Current Location, Current Street Address, Internal battery Percentage, Current Speed, History Summary, Mileage traveled, Maintenance due time and distance.

Power Saver

Equipped with an internal battery that can last up to 7 days. Once external battery is disconnected, the tracker goes into a power saver mode to elongate the battery life.

For this to work, the power save mode must be configured. See Configuring Power Saver.

Web Tracking

With more than one vehicles to track, it becomes inconvenient to keep track of these with SMS. We therefore offer a web tracking solution to keep all your asset in one place and track and control them. For new user, we offer a 14 days free trial on two devices. After this trial expires, you will be required to make a subscription. To use our web tracking platform, please contact us via

Fuel Gauging

With Appropriate fuel sensor installed, or using the existing gauge in the vehicle, STRONG tower logs and report fuel related activities of the vehicle


Configure Tower Tracker

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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